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Union Officers and Contact Information


Barry Marshall is president of the AFEC-AAUP. He can be reached at bmarshall335@yahoo.com.


Brian McNeil is vice president and grievance officer of the Union. He can be reached at Brian_Mcneil@emerson.edu and 617.824.7600 x 2143.


Mohamed Khalil is secretary / treasurer of the Union.


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The by-laws of the AFEC-AAUP Union detail what the Union officers do and how long they hold their positions. View the complete by-laws for full information.


The AFEC-AAUP sends many of its messages via Email. Please sign up to receive regular updates: Email Brian_Mcneil@emerson.edu.


Mail any correspondence to the AFEC-AAUP to:


Brian McNeil, AFEC-AAUP

Department of Visual and Media Arts

Emerson College

120 Boylston Street

Boston, MA 02116


The Emerson AFEC-AAUP does not have an office on the Emerson campus.










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